Welcome to Budgets Suck!

I think you can clearly grasp by the website name that I do not enjoy being on a budget. The blog is meant to be a sort of therapy for myself and possibly a wee bit of enlightenment for us all.

I wasn’t always on a strict budget, at one point in my life I was able to have some fairly loose purse strings.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t out shopping for a Maserati or anything extravagant like that but I didn’t need to remove groceries from my shopping cart because of the chance of being over my cash on hand.

I’ve suddenly found myself solely responsible for everything which has caused my social life to temporarily cease to exist.  I have always had a positive outlook on everything and I’m determined to keep marching on no matter what but I do have to be realistic and cut my spending back a lot.

My intention is to share my pursuit of learning how to keep my finances in check while still having fun.  I hope you enjoy my posts and stop back often.

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